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    Monday, October 18th, 2010
    11:06 pm
    My story
    I have written you all a story. It is 11 paragraphs long. Read it! The entire thing hinges on you knowing what a certain word means. Also, I included a Jabberwocky reference. (snicker-snack) Go, read!

    The dwarf stared across the cavern at the mighty dragon on the other side. This dragon had been terrorizing their village for weeks. They would defeat it or die trying.
    "Leave now," commanded Gimkas, known as the most ferocious fighter among the dwarves. "Or you will pay with your life." He pulled out his enchanted battle axe, the one his grandfather used to slay the mighty white dragon of the North centuries prior.
    "You are insignificant to me," the dragon responded lazily, "I'll kill you where you stand." And with that he exhaled a plume of fire. Generally, in a case like this, the would be heroes are cooked alive inside their armor. When the flames cleared, Gimkas stood unaffected.
    "You'll need more than that," he laughed. "My grandfather, Bazir of Nurack, took down a dragon twice as mean as you. This is his axe, Dragonbane."
    The dragon tried to conceal his terror, but wasn't sure he succeeded. Dragonbane had killed more than just one dragon. It was legend to the dragons. He who stands against Dragonbane dies. Its use went back hundreds, possibly thousands, of years. Practically in desperation, the might red dragon let loose all the flame it could. The entire cavern filled with fire. The cavern walls started to melt from the heat. Even the dragon, who was naturally resistant to all forms of fire, felt like his scales were about to burn. Surely no one, not even someone with Dragonbane, could withstand this.
    Gimkas held the axe out in front of him. It was deflecting the fire by creating a protective bubble around him. He marched towards the dragon, his eyes narrow and filled with rage. Even with Dragonbane, he couldn't take this much longer; his cloak was starting to smolder. He marched forward the dragon, closer and closer.
    "Now," said the dragon, finally not able to sustain the blast any longer, "all will fear my power! None shall stop me!" He looked down, shocked to see Gimkas there.
    "Your life is now forfeit!" the dwarf screamed as he swung Dragonbane at the lowered head of the dragon. A disgusting snicker-snack rang out in the cavern, and the dragon's head fell to the ground. Grimly, he marched out to the surface. A cheer went up as he emerged.
    "Hurrah! Gimkas the Hero has killed the dragon!" came the cheers of his fellow villagers, who were waiting for him.
    "Stop that," Gimkas growled, "I did what was needed, nothing more."
    They walked along the path back home. When they got to a sun filled grassy meadow, Gimkas stopped. He took off all his armor, dropped Dragonbane and started jumping around in the grass, laughing and frolicking like a child. When he came back to the road several minutes later, he was greeted by confused looks.
    "What?" he asked them, in his normal gravelly voice, "You know I have a gamboling problem!"

    Yes, that was a pun. And I laugh at the last 2 paragraphs every time I read them.